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We are Maya's team of Apple Mac enthusiasts delivering high-level service and support to the creative industry.

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Mac-orientated technical computer systems review

Future Planning

Let our computer consultants carry out a technical review of your current Macintosh IT systems and needs. They can help create a robust hardware and software infrastructure to support your business.

Apple Macintosh support guarantees system on-line

System Monitoring

We can proactively monitor your Macintosh and other Apple systems and manage problems. In this way we guarantee maximum up-time for your users.

Apple support and service contracts

User Management

We recognise the importance of supporting your Mac users, as well as computer systems. Our Care Plan for Apple service contracts are built with everyday users in mind.

Mac and PC Support

Along with our sister company Virtual IT we can provide integrated cross-platform support to mixed Mac and PC user sites in London. Both companies are based in the same building and share back office resources. Our customers benefit from unified support desk, with specialist skills on both platforms, combined billing and customer service.

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Clients testimonials

For a studio such as ours that shift large amounts of graphics media files, we rely on IT support that understands our needs, timeframes and budget. Thanks for the help, guys.

Sean Simone - Studio Manager
Foreign Office Design

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