Our Story

Our Values

Our values are at the very core of the way we like to do business.
These values guide our actions on a daily basis and work hand in hand with our policies and guidelines.


Maya seeks excellence throughout their workforce with passionate employees that know their apples!


Maya endeavour to provide a solution that suits the clients needs regardless of the environment.


Maya works with great care and perseverance to always get the job done.


Where it all began

Maya started life in June 2010. We secured our first support contract within the first month of operations and since then we have organically grown the business to it’s current size.

Our aim when launching Maya Solutions was to create a company that delivered uncomplicated IT services to our clients with a high quality of customer service.

We want to create an environment for our clients where they feel comfortable approaching us with all their IT problems and feel confident it will be addressed efficiently and effectively.


Our experience includes working with clients in a variety of industries.

Architects, Publishers, PR companies, Music Producers, Fashion Designers, Marketing Agencies and Charities.

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Maya Solutions Limited
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