Project Planning

Whether moving office, migrating data to the Cloud or changing network structure, our team are here to discuss your needs then plan and implement the best solution

Cloud Backup, Storage & File Hosting Solutions

Whatever your data management requirements are, our dedicated sales team can spec up a solution for you offering continuous data protection you can trust

Hardware Procurement

We can guide you to choose, combine and integrate quality components and great products.

Network and Security

Feel at ease about your network performance and data. Our Network Team will ensure you have a secure and reliable network and internet connection so you can do what you do best, worry free.

Cloud Email Solutions

No need to worry about managing your Users, Groups and Licences. Maya can manage all aspects of your subscription

Broadband Services

Our network team can analyse your communication requirements and assist you with getting the best connection to optimize productivity

VOIP Telephony Solutions

Whether you just need to change supplier or need to switch from a landline phone setup, let us take care of the technical aspects for you and make sure you get the right solution for your business.

Cyber Essentials Certification

Our in-house experts will guide you through the step by step process in attaining your certification and minimize your cyber risk


We are able to advise organisations of all sizes on how best to use IT solutions to meet their short and long term business objecti

Through our experience and technical knowledge we are able to add value to your businesses complex projects with practical solutions and latest technologies.

Managed Licensing

Our Sales staff are trained to ensure you never need to worry about your software solutions expiring or being out of date. We can manage it all for you.

Cross Platform Support

Should you have the need to run multiple operating environments, our adaptable support team are on hand to help

Copier and Printer Management

Whatever your needs, we can find the best print management software for you and make sure you have a seamless experience.

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