Future Planning through IT Consultancy and Training

IT Consultancy and training

Your investment in technology has to be delivering business benefits and competitive advantage, if the cost, which is substantial is matched by the result. This simple objective can be surprisingly difficult to acheive.

Our aim at Maya Solutions is to use IT consultancy and training to help guide you so that your IT investments help meet your business objectives in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Our consulting services

We can consult on a wide range of applications and functions:

  • Technical audits and reviews
  • Business system analysis
  • Project management
  • Colour management
  • IT budget planning
  • Monitoring services

Our IT consultancy will provide you with advice on the right technology for your business, and help you reach the best decisions whilst keeping you informed about the potential risks. Our consultants are very experienced and will ensure that you really understand the different options and their relative merits, so that you can match the possibilities of up-to-date information technology with the goals of the business.

Our training services

We can provide a range of customised training services. These include induction training for new Mac users to advanced application training for creative users. Our trainers can provide the courses at your premises using examples from your day-to-day work. Our courses are suitable for beginners and advanced users.