IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Planning for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery means that we tackle how to keep your business in a viable and profitable state during an emergency. It is a fact that companies who suffer these potentially catastrophic events are likely to go to the wall in the following months. Conversely, planning for these occurences is money very well-spent. It is a holistic, cost-effective means of preparing to respond to a disaster.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

What we do

We put in place a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Each plan is different, but ingredients might include

  • Fault tolerant solutions
  • Resilient infrastructure
  • Assessment of where you may go
  • Recovery methods
  • Disaster management

Maya Solutions provides this consulting to help customers protect their business, employees and assets and to enable them to resume operations in an effective and controlled fashion. Potential losses, effect on reputation and ability to fulfil orders during a disaster are difficult to calculate. We aim to minimise these and other risks to your business.